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You can use the search bar to find assets within a certain area, i.e. City Walk or Trade Center.

You can select the asset type or area from the Categories drop down. Just select an option and the map will reflect results based on your choice.

You will find a list of all our assets on the list, just click on the title of a Location and full details will be displayed on the map.

Our interactive map is the easiest way to find assets, click on any PIN to get more details about it's corresponding asset.

Each location has a unique GPS Tag which you can use to load the exact coordinates of our assets. Copy & Paste the tag into Google Maps to load the asset position. A GPS Tag looks like this "68PQ+WR".

Orange Pins represent locations of Hoardings and Purple Pins represent location of Unipoles.

You can always use the "Reset" button to go back to full map view (all locations).

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