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Version Update

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Upcoming Update
Version 1.0.2 – Release (out of beta)
-Activate full Campaign functions
-Add video icon to each Location Item on List
-Update copy content (final + proofing)
-Link brand logos on Home to corresponding campaigns
-Fix CSS layouts for Low Resolution Devices & Settings

Version .9.1.10
-Bug fixes
-Updated Team Page
-Updated copy content
-Added new Campaign view logic
-Added new campaign (inactive)

Version .8.2.4
-Removed Locations List
-Added Team Page
-Changed layout of Interactive Map
-Integrated Location List & Maps
-Added ability to zoom into a specific location on click
-Added bouncing arrow to highly location

Version .7.3.1
-Flushed sorting options for Interactive Maps
-Added Google Maps Radius & Routes functions via API
-Added Street View direct links

Version .7.1
-Bug Fixes
-Updated navigation logic across devices
-Closed dimension breakers for device selection on load
-Further enhance Interactive Map on locations

Version .5.2
-Added Locations List
-Enabled exporting to pdf, xls, doc & print
-Updated copy content
-Optimized CSS for max device/screen compatibility
-Started heavy debug for back/front

Version .5.1
-Major update
–Updated website link and content logic
–Removed Campaign filters
–Added GPS tag logic & updated content
–Uploaded location videos *masters

Version .4.1.6
-Posted initial SEO terms & headings
-Flushed old website & content
-Linked website with Google Cloud Engine
-Updates Google Maps API’s strings (private calls)

Version .3.0.2
-Added “Media Kit” link to navigation
-Updated navigation styles
-Added dynamic Forms & Entries
-Updates Elementor to latest version
-Updates Libs to latest version

Version .2.1.4
-Fixed Campaign Layout on Home page
-Added Services Block to Home page
-Added final “all Locations” video on Home page
-Updates copy content

Version .2.0
-Changes the Logic of Location Sorting
-Added the ability to create Single Location Maps

Version .1.1.2
-Added Interactive Location Map
-Added Campaign Dynamic Page

Vesion .1.0
-Initial Release